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the Big Bong Peace Pipe Project, the web comedy based on the book about the movie about the real life attempt to erect a 240 foot - 85 meter HIGH Big Bong Peace Pipe ;O)--~

The Big Bong Peace Pipe Project is primarily about the strategic campaign to commit a blatant act of wwworld peace by the LIVE TO THE WWW erection of a fully functional 240 foot - 85 Metre HIGH Peace Pipe, so if you are the kind of person who is likely to be offended by the content contained with-in, then please, spend your available media minutes elseweb ;O)--~

if you COOL about the concept of the erection of a statue to wwworld peace or even slightly interested in the POTentiality of this concept then do the mouse click thing to the eyecandy  flashing in the corner  >>~~~~~>

this wwway next ;O)--~